La comida de España

“The Food of Spain”

By Amanda Molé, MSW

Food is an important part of every culture! Here are some of the delicious foods we experienced when we traveled to Spain.

Tapas! Tapas are “snacks;” small dishes that are eaten together as part of a meal. Here, you can see tortilla española (egg and potato pie), brie with fruit spread, brie with roasted vegetables, and a potato croquette.
Sangria, a mixed drink typically made with red wine, fruit, and brandy.
Paella is a traditional Spanish dish normally made with rice, saffron, and seafood. This version is vegetarian paella, made with artichokes, peppers, and mushrooms in place of seafood.
Postres, or pastries, are everywhere!
Horchata is a delicious cold drink made from ground almonds, ice, cinnamon, and sugar.
Carmelized goat cheese with balsamic vinegar.
Flan, a traditional Spanish custard.

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