Parc de Montjuic

By Nathan Eder

Our visit to the Parc de Montjuic was nothing short of amazing. It was an immense park, packed with people either looking to sit and enjoy the view, wanting to exercise, or to learn some history. The Parc had ample running room, and in its center it contained the Palau Nacional. The Nacional contains four different museums focusing on architecture and art in the Catalan region, each museum focusing on a different time period ranging from the Gothic era to the Modern movement. All of this is also across the street from the various sites where the 1992 Barcelona Olympic Games were held (complete with tiles on the sidewalk with runners’ names). It was all a perfect example of Spain’s focus on art, history, and health, which are all so ingrained in the culture and great to finally get to appreciate in person.

With so many things to see and do, what could possibly cap this park and make it so well known in the Barcelona area? A magical water show. For an entire hour, the Parc’s central fountain area shoots off an artistic aray of jets, shooting off into the sky (and at us) to dazzle and amaze. These jets are synchronized with constantly changing lights, which depend on the music that’s playing. Did I mention that they had music synced to the show? Yep. The show started off with a symphonic cover of Queen (their vocals still), then a section of popular music, followed by cinematic soundtracks (think Hans Zimmer’s Inception soundtrack), and ending with classical music.

The whole visit, especially the water show, was a brilliant finale to our epic journey throughout Spain.

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